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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

the only LJ community for KKBB

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Welcome to the party!

Welcome to Live Journal's Premiere Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Community!!

Here you'll find info, fanfiction, fan art, and discussions all related to the joyous wonder that is Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

We're glad you made it to the party, and we hope you'll stick around!


Please bear in mind the general rules of gentility here at KKBB.

1. Do not harrass other members. This includes flames on fic and art, personal remarks of a suggestive or demeaning nature, and posts about community members. This does not include constructive criticism; there's a line, and if you're not sure where it is then you need to ask.
2. We're not all big on porn here. If you're going to post mature content, please post it behind a cut, and properly label it. In addition, please refrain from vulgar language on the main page. Also, warnings are your friend. Please think carefully before you post controversial material (BDSM, Non-Con, etc.) as these may not be appropriate for this community. This does not include slash art and fanfiction.
3. Only Kiss Kiss Bang Bang content is appropriate. If you have a crossover, that's fine. However, please don't post completely unrelated content, even if it involves Val or RDJ (even though we all love them). There are some other fandoms that may be germane to the discussion, but please make sure all posts are tied to KKBB.
4. Please don't overlink to other sites and communities.
5. Please don't "spam" the com. We encourage and welcome frequent posters, but if you're posting more than three times a day/ 20 times a week (NOT including comments), there miiiight be a problem.
6. Please don't plagiarize. You will be banned from the community if you steal another author/artist's work or you do not give credit where credit is due.
7. Please do not post copyrighted content. This includes links to the full movie online. This does not include fanfiction and fan art.
8. Do not post works depicting overly illegal/immoral activity, especially if it involves the main characters. There is a line here as well. For instance, it's fine if Harry shoplifts something because that's in character, or if the boys are chasing down a murder suspect. It is not fine for you to post graphic descriptions/images of rape, child pornography, torture, pedophilia, etc. I think we're all smart enough to know what's ok and what's not, but again, if you're not sure please ask.
9. Any work involving the actual actors of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is not appropriate. While we love the actors, we also have to respect them and their privacy. There are other communities for this, folks. This does not include fanfic that mentions the actors in passing (ex: "Harry bears a passing resemblance to Robert Downey Jr.") or actually involves them momentarily ("But it was really driving me crazy to be sitting so close to him, eating fluff while he slept through Iron Man. I actually met Robert Downey Jr. once. Did an investigation on a girl he was dating at the time. Nice guy, but he still owes me money.").


pluperfect_bang (KKBB Fanfic and Art)
downey_jr (Fanfic on RDJ)

can be directed to mothergoddamn